013-LM-24 013-LM-24 https://dgduupz79pcvd.cloudfront.net/productimages/ors_nasco/l/013-lm-24.jpg LAB-METAL 24-OZ; 24 oz can of aluminum paste Chemicals, Lubricants & Paints BESSEY?

LAB-METAL 24-OZ; 24 oz can of aluminum paste


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    Non-Returnable Product
    • Ground clamps only need base surface metal for clamping
    • 250 Amps
    • Thinner solvent for lab metal for painting/spraying
    • Liquid aluminum paste can be shaped, brushed or srayed
    • Dries to solid aluminum overnight and can be drilled, tapped, milled or ground
    • For heavier application
    • Heavy-duty pads come with classic rail profiles and a range of clamp openings that will meet most needs


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Group Thinners
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