012-11-920-9 012-11-920-9 https://dgduupz79pcvd.cloudfront.net/productimages/ors_nasco/l/012-11-920-9.jpg Hyflex Oil Repellent Gloves, 9, Blue Un-Classified Items Unspecified

Hyflex Oil Repellent Gloves, 9, Blue


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    Non-Returnable Product
    • Prevents oil penetration and reduces the risk of dermatitis and liquid exposure
    • Multi-layer dipping process provides high abrasion-resistance and increases wear life
    • Patent-pending Ansell Grip Technology coating wicks oil away from the hand in microscopic channels
    • Increases surface contact for enhanced grip and control


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Code 012-11-920-9
Unit Dozen of 12
Brand Unspecified
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