084-0116 084-0116 https://dgduupz79pcvd.cloudfront.net/productimages/ors_nasco/l/084-0116.jpg B-12 CHEMTOOL Carburetor/Choke Cleaners, 15 oz Can Chemicals, Lubricants & Paints Berryman?

B-12 CHEMTOOL Carburetor/Choke Cleaners, 15 oz Can


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    Non-Returnable Product
    • Great for use on oil returns, lifters, PCV valves, and oil pump screens
    • Utilizes High Energy Solvent Technology
    • Regular use ensures higher compression, fewer repairs, lower operation costs and increased spark plug and injector life
    • Cleans petroleum residue from fuel system, fuel injector, valves, rings and pistons
    • Disperses moisture


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Product Details
Code 084-0116
Unit Case of 12
Brand Berryman?
Group Cleaners & Degreasers
Type Cleaning Products
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